SPICE files Chapter 8

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Structured Electronic Design: SPICE files Chapter 8


SPICE files for Chapter 8:

  1. Collection of LTspice subcircuits used in this chapter: LTspice.lib.
  2. Page 287 LTspice simulation test bench for determination of voltage gain and output impedance of an operational amplifier:
  3. Page 288 LTspice simple small-signal opamp model using an Laplace building block:
  4. Page 288 LTspice model of a noise-free parallel RC network using a Laplace building block:
  5. Page 290 Spice subcircuit of a noise voltage source including 1/f noise:
  6. Page 291 Spice subcircuit of a noise current source including 1/f noise:
  7. Page 291 Spice subcircuit for a nullor with equivalent input voltage and current noise sources:
  8. Page 292 LTspice example of a DC voltage source with a Gaussian distribution of the voltage: