CMOS design courses and Masterclass TU Delft

date: 2018-03-27, author(s): anton, category: Courses,, tag(s): Amplifiers BiCMOS, CMOS, Discrete Operational Transistors,.



March 27 2018: Structured analog design courses


Structured Analog Design

Step-by-step design of an application-specific amplifier in CMOS IC technology, BiCMOS IC technology or with discrete components

  • Masterclass TU Delft starts April 3 2018, exercises: 180nm CMOS, or OpAmps + discrete semiconductors
  • Catena Microelectronics Delft ends June 2018, exercises: RF design in 28nm CMOS
  • High-Tech Institute, ended March 2018, exercises: 180nm CMOS, or discrete semiconductors