SLiCAP version 0.5

date: 2017-10-27, author(s): anton, category: SLiCAP, tag(s): SLiCAP.



October 27 2017: SLiCAP version 0.5 update


SLiCAP version 0.5 update!

SLiCAP version 0.5 build 1450 has some important bug fixes and new features:

  • Release date: October 27 2017
  • MATLAB® R2017b release
  • Updated: SLiCAP.lib; bug fixes in EKV MOS noise models
  • Modified: initProject(); project can be started from within any directory
  • Added: getParValue(); returns the value of a parameter after recursive substitution of all parameter definitions
  • Removed library path setting from, but added “Lib” directory with SLiCAP libraries. The use of “SLiCAP.lib” is deprecated. Use more specific smaller library files.