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What it is and why you should use it

  • SLiCAP is an acronym for: Symbolic Linear Circuit Analysis Program.
  • SLiCAP is a more than a symbolic network simulation tool: ‘Symbolic SPICE’.
  • SLiCAP helps you setting up and solving design equations of electronic circuits.
  • SLiCAP is a MATLAB® application and SLiCAP output can be used in other MATLAB® routines.


  • Speeds up the circuit engineering process
  • Makes complex symbolic analysis doable
  • MATLAB® based: allows integration in professional design environment
  • Integrates documentation and design with many easy to use built-in functions for HTML reports with plots, tables, expressions, etc.
  • Supports design education and knowledge building


  • Accepts SPICE netlists as input
  • Concurrent design and documentation
  • Supports and facilitates structured analog design (masterclass Delft University of Technology)


  • Conversion of hierarchical SPICE netlist into a symbolic or numeric matrix
  • Symbolic and numeric dc variance analysis: symbolic statistical DC analysis
  • Symbolic and numeric noise analysis
  • Symbolic and numeric noise integration over frequency
  • Symbolic and numeric determination of transfer functions and polynomial coefficients
  • Symbolic and numeric determination of network solutions
  • Symbolic Routh Array of Laplace polynomials
  • Accuate numeric pole-zero analysis
  • Root locus plots with an arbitrary circuit parameter as root locus variable
  • Generation of HTML project documentation



  • MATLAB® including the symbolic math toolbox MuPAD®
  • HTML, CSS, LaTeX, MathJax, Python, Sphinx

MATLAB® is a registered trademark of the Mathworks Inc.

MuPAD® is a registered trademark of the Mathworks Inc.

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