Work with parameters

‘circuit parameters’ are symbolic variables found in expressions in the netlist. They can be assigned a value using the SPICE ‘.PARAM’ directive in the netlist. These values may again be given in the form of expressions with symbolic variables. When SLiCAP is working in numeric simulation mode, parameter values will recursively be substituted in expressions.

Get all circuit parameters

A symbolic list of all circuit parameters can be obtained with the function params.m: In the following example we assing the list with parameter definitions to the variable allParams:

allParams = params();

Get all parameter definitions

A symbolic list with all circuit parameters that have been assigned a value can be obtained with the function parDefs.m. In the following example we assign this list to the variable allParamsAssigned:

allParamsDefined = parDefs();

Assign a definition to a parameter

A parameter can be given a value with the function defPar.m. Below three diferent ways in which way the MATLAB® variable R_pi will obtain the value of the circuit parameter R_pi, while the latter will be assigned a new value in the same statement.

R_pi = defPar('R_pi','2.5k');
R_pi = defPar('R_pi', 2500);
R_pi = defPar('R_pi', 'beta_DC/I_c/40');

Get the definition or value of a parameter

The function getParValue.m returns the value of a parameter. If the simulation type (simType) has been set to ‘symbolic’ it returnsthe symbolic definition of the parameter. If the simulation type has been set to ‘numeric’ it returns its value after recursive substitution of all parameter definitions:

defPar('r_pi', 'beta_DC/I_c/40');
defPar('beta_DC', 100);
defPar('I_c', '1m');

This returns 2500. If the parameter does not have a numeric value, the function returns the definition of the parameter with as many numeric subsitutions as possible.

Assign definitions to multiple parameters

Multiple parameter definitions can be passed with the function defPars.m. The instruction below assigns 100 to the parameter R_f and 10e-12 to the parameter C_ell. The return value is similar as that of the parDefs() instruction, it will be assigned to allParams:

syms('R_f', 'C_ell');
        allParams = defPars([R_f == 500, C_ell == 10E-12]);

Please notice that the use of metric prefixes, such as, k for kilo and M for mega, is not allowed in the argument of the defPars() function. The function arguments should be symbolic equations and cannot contain character strings.

Delete a parameter definition

You can delete a parameter definition using the function delPar.m. This function does not delete the circuit parameter itself. It only clears its definition so that it can be used as a symbolic variable in numeric simulations.