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Structured Electronic Design

Free download Edition 2.0, 616 pages.

Interview with the author: Analog electronics without the trial and horror

SLiCAP: a symbolic circuit analysis tool

SLiCAP: S ymbolic Li near C ircuit A nalysis P rogram, is a Free Symbolic Spice tool for deriving and solving design equations of analog electronic circuits.

SLiCAP is used in all courses Structured Electronic Design offered by the TU Delft, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science and the High Tech Institute.

  • Accepts SPICE-like netlists
  • Symbol libraries for netlist generation with LTspice, gSchem and lepton-eda (KiCAD in preparation)
  • Symbolic and numeric DC and statistical DC analysis
  • Symbolic and numeric Laplace analysis
  • Symbolic and numeric noise analysis
  • Accurate numeric pole-zero analysis
  • Library with device models
  • Many supporting functions for Structured Electronic Design:
    • Derive budgets for noise sources, GB product of OpAmps, number of stages in a feedback amplifier, offset and bias erros, etc.
    • Design negative feedback amplifiers using the asymptotic gain feedback model
    • Generate root locus plots with any circuit parameter as root locus variable
    • Calculate phase margin and generate Nyquist plots


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color coded resistors