Structured Electronic Design

color coded resistors

Now available from Delft Academic Press:

Structured Electronic Design Edition 1.1 € 85.00 incl. 6% VAT,

ISBN 97890-6562-4277: 631 pages, paperback 270 x 210 x 41mm. Course book for:

Author has more than 35 years of experience in analog design and post graduate design education.

About this book

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Contents and summary

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Dear reader, although I did my best to avoid any errors, they seem to be inevitable; my apologizes for that.

I kindly request you to mail me any correction or suggestion for improvement. Thanks in advance!

  1. Errata edition 1.1
  2. Errata edition 1

3-rd party spice based CAD software

A free version of the SPICE simulator SIMetrix can be downloaded from:

SPICE simulations can also be performed with LTspice, but some circuit files include graphic post-processing instructions that can only be processed by SIMetrix.

Supporting material

Supporting material such as beamer presentations, SLiCAP and SPICE files, examples and exercises, can be found in posts. These posts are organized in categories and sorted by tags on the Site menu.