EE4109 2020-2021

Welcome to the course web site of the MSc course: Structured Electronic Design.

The course and this web site are developed and maintained by the instructors Chris Verhoeven and Anton Montagne

color coded resistors

Educational method

At the beginning of the course, the application specification of an amplifier to be designed will be presented.

Step-by-step design of this amplifier will be discussed during the course.

Motivation of the design steps, their underlying theory and application to other designs will be elucidated.

Examples and exercises will help the participants to understand the design steps and their interaction.

The course will be concluded with an exam.


  1. This course is a follow-up course of the BSc course EE3C11. Students that have not succesfully finished this course should follow the homologation program.
  2. You should be able to work with LTspice and SLiCAP. Please study the SLiCAP tutorial.

Course material

  1. Course book Structured Electronic Design Edition 1.2, ISBN 97890-6562-4277: 6318 pages, paperback 270 x 210 x 41mm.
  2. SLiCAP: a MATLAB-based symbolic SPICE simulator for deriving and solving design equations for electronic circuits. Course participants require a laptop and a license for MATLAB including the Symbolic Math Toolbox. Local installation of MATLAB and its Symbolic Math Toolbox is preferred.
  3. LTspice can be downloaded and installed from here.