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color coded resistors


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color coded resistors


SLiCAP-MATLAB LTspice symbols

date: 2016-10-16, author(s): anton, category: SLiCAP, tag(s): LTspice SLiCAP.

LTspice symbols for SLiCAP now available. Read more ...

TUDelft guest lecture

date: 2016-10-14, author(s): anton, category: TUDelft, tag(s): Analog Design TUDelft,.

Guest Lecture ‘Overview Structured Analog Design’ 13-10-2016 at the TU Delft. Read more ...

SLiCAP-MATLAB More examples

date: 2016-10-11, author(s): anton, category: SLiCAP, tag(s): Examples SLiCAP.

Example of the design of a transimpedance amplifier and of an optical position detector with a PSD have been added. Read more ...